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I really give big credit to this product, because I feel much better since I drink it

As recommended I took 1 scoop a day since the 30/11, in the mornings. I remember that on the first day I was super tired. I did not expect an immediate effect on the first day, as of course I used other superfood powder blends before and I knew that it took me minimum 1 week before felt anything different. By midday I felt much better (i was working that day so no nap time etc..), and less tired. I was still not give too much credit to the blend to be honest. But then I continued the second day and the result was the same, and I have to tell you honestly, that I had a difficult November and December so far, so I was and am really tired and exhausted. Anyhow, I have to say that this is really helping me now to get more energy and to feel a bit more relaxed. I drink it in the morning between 7-9 somewhere, and literally by 13h it kicks off and I feel much better. While normally that would be the time when I feel even more tired if I am tired in the morning already.
So I really give big credit to this product, because I feel much better since I drink it, and this result came so fast, it is still unbelievable to me, but it is how it is, can’t deny that it works. Only con is that I do not like the smell of it, for me it is strong and ”too green” if you understand what I mean. But it is ok, because when it is blended together with the veggies or fruits, then of course I do not feel that anymore, so it is only when I open it.

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