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Vogue Arabia interview with Daphne

Daphne, founder at ALAM, had an amazing conversation with Vogue Arabia, talking about the ALAM box, uniqueness, ingredients and lifestyle. Read the whole interview in Arabic on Vogue Arabia website, and below in English.

Vogue Arabia: Do superfoods work in place of specific foods?
Daphne: A healthy body starts with a diverse diet rich in whole foods. In an ideal world, you’d get all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat. However, food deserts, soil depletion, and dietary restrictions make this nearly impossible. For a boost of vitamins and minerals, it is best to choose natural superfoods over lab-made supplements, to supercharge your nutrition and get all essential nutrients your body really needs in its purest form. Superfoods are nutritional powerhouses, found in nature and grow from the soil, and are extremely high in micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants, enzymes and fiber. All of these nutrients are essential to your body so you can perform your best. Superfoods are a valuable complement to any lifestyle.

Vogue Arabia: How should one balance their diet with superfoods?
Daphne: By easily adding and blending a spoon of superfood powder to drinks or dishes, like juice, smoothie, water, oatmeal or bowls. When you consume superfood powders, you are getting essential nutrients that are easier and quicker for your body to absorb. There are superfoods out there who are not 100% natural and contain additives or harmful ingredients and have such a strong taste so it is difficult to suffer through it every single day. Which results in getting not the results you expect, and quitting your superfood routine because of this. The ALAM superfood powder blend is convenient to use, at home or on the go, in either drinks or dishes, sweet or savory, because the taste is very soft and mild. You do not have to suffer through the taste, and rest assured to know it is 100% pure, plant-based and EU Organic Certified.

Vogue Arabia: How should a first-time superfood user pick the right product for themselves?
Daphne: This was one of the motivations for me to develop the ALAM superfood powder blend. There are so many products out there, but it is difficult to find safe, clean and effective products – for both inner and outer body – you can fully trust it contains only the best pure ingredients out there, without any additives or harmful ingredients, which delivers powerful results for overall health, beauty and wellbeing. So I set out to find remedies through more natural means that improved my quality of life and wellbeing in a natural, sustainable way. I was astounded to experience the exceptional curing power of only best Nature has to offer and how it healed my holistic body. From there, I carefully created the ALAM superfood powder – your one stop natural remedy. Perfect for the ones looking for a trustworthy, pure, all-natural, vegan and all-in-one superfood powder blend to supercharge their lifestyle.

Vogue Arabia: What are the ingredients of ALAM superfood?
Daphne: The ingredients in ALAM superfood powder blend are Moringa, Rosehip, Apple, Matcha and Dates. EU Organic Certified and without any additives. This unique blend contains five of the most nutritious superfoods out there, blended together to perfection through strict ALAM recipe to ensure all the micronutrients are perfectly balanced out to a true all-in-one blend. The ALAM superfood supports both energy levels, digestion, focus, immunity, overall balance and skin/nail/hair health.

Vogue Arabia: How does it work?
Daphne: Another unique part of the ALAM superfood, in the ALAM box, is that you can use it for both the inner ánd outer body. In the unique, all-natural ALAM box, you can find 2 products: a voluminous pouch ALAM superfood powder blend and one sachet ALAM clay powder, together with an ALAM bamboo scoop. With this one box, you can take the best care of yourself from both inside and out through natural means. For the inside out, easily mix 1 bamboo scoop ALAM superfood consistent daily to your favorite healthy drinks/dishes to supercharge with all essential micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant-protein and fiber. ALAM superfood clay mask (for the outside out) combines this unique blend together with all excellent beautifying properties ALAM white clay (100% pure from France) and ALAM rosewater (100% pure from France) have to leave your skin naturally, perfectly glowing. Easily mix 1 teaspoon ALAM white clay powder with 1 teaspoon ALAM superfood powder and 2-3 teaspoons ALAM rosewater to the extraordinary healing and nourishing ALAM superfood clay mask. Apply to clean skin
for 10-15 minutes and carefully rinse off with lukewarm water. One ALAM box is intended to use for 31 days (consistent daily inner body and 1-2 times weekly outer
body) and can be used the whole year, every single month, as a valuable part of your lifestyle. Suitable for the whole family, kids love the ALAM superfood too, but for children the serving is recommended 1/4 to 1/2 scoop daily or every other day.

Vogue Arabia: Have you tested the product?
Daphne: Yes. ALAM superfood powder blend is EU Organic Certified. This means that our product complies with all the rules stated in the European law for organic food and that we are strictly controlled through SKAL, Netherlands. We have carefully formulated our unique ALAM superfood powder blend and only source the highest quality, organic superfoods out there.

Vogue Arabia: Does it follow a certain diet?
Daphne: The product is 100% natural, plant-based, pure and does not contain any dairy, soy, gluten, GMO, fillers, preservatives or any additives at all. So anyone who follows a specific diet, like gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan, but also for the people who do not follow a diet but want to nourish their body with excellent nutrients, can consume the ALAM superfood powder blend as a valuable addition to their lifestyle.

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