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The superfood clay mask has helped me clear my skin massively

In love with the ALAM products! I use the superfood daily and mix it with apple juice, soo good! Also feel like the superfood clay mask has helped me clear my skin massively. Such great products!! 💚🥰


I’ve honestly felt a lot more healthier

I’ve been incorporating the ALAM superfood powder with my usual pre workout shake. It supplies you with all your daily nutrients e.g. plant-based protein, fiber and plenty of vitamins. I’ve honestly felt a lot more healthier and even seen a difference in my skin which is amazing😍


My skin feels and looks clarified and glowing immediately

Coincidentally, I was introduced to ALAM Holistic Health & Beauty in late 2021, and I gotta say… where have you been all my life?! 😍  My skin feels and looks clarified and glowing immediately after ALAM superfood clay masking — ofc my daily practice of drinking my superfood powder + soy milk blend also contributed to the healthy glow I’m enjoying these days!


Champions health and conscious consumerism

I love incorporating the ALAM superfood powder into my diet. With its mild, almost fresh earthy taste, it disguises very well into the food or drink you add it to. I personally recommend using it in a lemonade or sprinkled over fruits if you are in a rush! The ALAM box also comes with a variety of other goodies, all packed sustainably and forms an important first step towards living a holistic lifestyle that champions health and conscious consumerism.


Truly, it's one of the best clarifyins masks I've ever tried

My boyfriend and I use the ALAM superfood clay mask once a week and truly, it’s one of the best clarifying masks I’ve ever tried. Even my boyfriend is obsessed, we love it.


I used to get a cold sore 2-3 times a year and I haven’t had any in the last year since I started using ALAM

I have to admit, i’m literally addicted to ALAM. I’ve been using it for a year now and it brought me so much:
– I used to get a cold sore 2-3 times a year and I haven’t had any in the last year since I started using ALAM.
– My energy levels have improved excessively. My days are long, but since I’m using ALAM, I don’t experience any trouble going to the gym after an 11 hour workingday.
– My digestion has improved significantly. I’m usually struggling with sensitive intestines but since I started using ALAM on an empty stomach every morning, I noticed that I don’t experience feeling bloated as much as before.
– I work out regularly, but I noticed that when combining my ab workouts with ALAM, my abs appear to be more visible than before.
In short, ALAM for me really is beauty from the inside and out, so I never skip ALAM-Day

I really give big credit to this product, because I feel much better since I drink it

As recommended I took 1 scoop a day since the 30/11, in the mornings. I remember that on the first day I was super tired. I did not expect an immediate effect on the first day, as of course I used other superfood powder blends before and I knew that it took me minimum 1 week before felt anything different. By midday I felt much better (i was working that day so no nap time etc..), and less tired. I was still not give too much credit to the blend to be honest. But then I continued the second day and the result was the same, and I have to tell you honestly, that I had a difficult November and December so far, so I was and am really tired and exhausted. Anyhow, I have to say that this is really helping me now to get more energy and to feel a bit more relaxed. I drink it in the morning between 7-9 somewhere, and literally by 13h it kicks off and I feel much better. While normally that would be the time when I feel even more tired if I am tired in the morning already.
So I really give big credit to this product, because I feel much better since I drink it, and this result came so fast, it is still unbelievable to me, but it is how it is, can’t deny that it works. Only con is that I do not like the smell of it, for me it is strong and ”too green” if you understand what I mean. But it is ok, because when it is blended together with the veggies or fruits, then of course I do not feel that anymore, so it is only when I open it.


My skin look and feels nice after the mask and also big pro that it does not leave my skin dry after removal

I have dry and sometimes sensitive skin. I use the clay mask since 30/11 and once a week, till today I used it 3 times. And I tried it on my husband once too. 🙂 My experience is totally positive, my skin look and feels nice after the mask and also big pro that it does not leave my skin dry after removal. Normally my experience with clay masks that after I wash them off my skin is tight and dry, not a nice feeling. But this did not do that, which is quite surprising. Easy to blend as the instruction says it on the back of the package. My husband has rosacea, but because he takes care of it it does not visible. So we tried on his face too, and worked as on mine. Did not dry his skin, and it was smooth after removal. I like the fact that we blend the clay mask and the superfood powder together. (multi-usage) I think it is a strong point of it.


Tried superfood powder before, but am 100x more satisfied and happy with ALAM superfood powder blend

Ik drink ALAM superfood poeder vaak zelfs gewoon met water aangelengd! Mijn huid wordt steeds mooier dus ben echt tevreden! Ook mijn darmen zijn rustig maar daar let ik natuurlijk ook veel met mijn eten op. Heb ooit een andere superfood powder geprobeerd en ik ben echt 100 x meer tevreden over ALAM superfood poeder!


ALAM rosewater leaves my skin subtle and soft

Because I love my skin. I surround it with the refreshing & relaxing ALAM Rose Water. Nourish and protect my skin after removing makeup, leaving a supple and soft sensation


Super healthy!

First off all I really love the holistic view and planet proof vision of ALAM! <3 And I love the products, I use it now for over an half a year, my health is better, I never got sick since I used it every day in my breakfast, the taste is soft and I feel more energized. Also I really love the coconut candle, it smells great when you use it but also without use the smell is so yummy.


My girls call it the superpower powder!

About 10 days into using ALAM – superfood powder and loving the idea that I can with just one scoop get loads of precious and nutritious ingredients into my system. A supplement completely natural and organic composed of 5 of nature’s most powerful fruits, adaptogenic herbs and plants. I feel like it’s an efficient way if used regularly to naturally boost energy levels and support immune-system. My girls call it the superpower powder, we add it to our smoothies and for me into my oat milk latte. A great add on to our routine.

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