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Tried superfood powder before, but am 100x more satisfied and happy with ALAM superfood powder blend

Ik drink ALAM superfood poeder vaak zelfs gewoon met water aangelengd! Mijn huid wordt steeds mooier dus ben echt tevreden! Ook mijn darmen zijn rustig maar daar let ik natuurlijk ook veel met mijn eten op. Heb ooit een andere superfood powder geprobeerd en ik ben echt 100 x meer tevreden over ALAM superfood poeder!


ALAM rosewater leaves my skin subtle and soft

Because I love my skin. I surround it with the refreshing & relaxing ALAM Rose Water. Nourish and protect my skin after removing makeup, leaving a supple and soft sensation


Super healthy!

First off all I really love the holistic view and planet proof vision of ALAM! <3 And I love the products, I use it now for over an half a year, my health is better, I never got sick since I used it every day in my breakfast, the taste is soft and I feel more energized. Also I really love the coconut candle, it smells great when you use it but also without use the smell is so yummy.


My girls call it the superpower powder!

About 10 days into using ALAM – superfood powder and loving the idea that I can with just one scoop get loads of precious and nutritious ingredients into my system. A supplement completely natural and organic composed of 5 of nature’s most powerful fruits, adaptogenic herbs and plants. I feel like it’s an efficient way if used regularly to naturally boost energy levels and support immune-system. My girls call it the superpower powder, we add it to our smoothies and for me into my oat milk latte. A great add on to our routine.


I was less bloated during my period!

My favorite ways to consume ALAM superfood powder is in my latte and pancakes ! Mostly for breakfast, the taste is way more pleasant than I tough it will be ! I felt that my overall skin was softer and that I was less bloated during my period! The ALAM superfood clay mask wasn’t drying at all and didn’t purged my skin as bad as others ! Really enjoying the experience 💚


Also my husband loves it!

This is one of the best products we’ve ever had. We absolutely love using the ALAM superfood powder in smoothies especially in the morning as we feel super energized. But its absolutely perfect for anything like oatmeals, pancakes, sushi – almost everything you can think of. After using the ALAM superfood clay mask with ALAM rose water our skin is super soft. We highly recommend to anyone.


The mixture of ALAM superfood powder, red clay and rose water allows me to make an incredible mask that I make every Sunday!

I’ve been using @Alamhealthbeauty for several weeks now, with 3 completely pure, natural products I can take care of my skin and my body through nutrition or skin care 🛁 The mixture of superfood powder, red clay and rose water allows me to make an incredible mask that I make every Sunday! I also use Alam superfood alone in drinks or mix with yogurt – to supercharge it with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and pure plant-protein 🤍


Both the superfood powder & the clay mask definitely helped me glow from the inside out!

I really enjoy the benefits of really great quality ingredients. Both the superfood powder & the clay mask definitely helped me glow from the inside out!


It is not only good for you, but it is also delicious!

I have used the ALAM superfood clay mask and ALAM superfood powder. From the superfood powder I make a green shake every morning. It is not only good for you, but it is also delicious! Since I drink this every day, I feel less tired and more energized.


Ik vind die duidelijkheid heel fijn.

De powder blend zonet ontvangen. Je krijgt een mooi en stijlvol ingepakt pakketje, het voelt alleen al als een cadeautje voor jezelf om het uit te pakken. Heel handig dat er een bamboe maatschapje bij wordt geleverd en een losse toelichting over hoe je het product het beste kunt gebruiken. Op het stazakje met superfood staan dan nog een keer de ingredienten opgesomd, de voedingswaarden, en wat je met 1 schepje binnen krijgt. En er staat expliciet op de verpakking welke ingredienten er niet in het product zitten. Ik vind die duidelijkheid heel fijn. Zelfs de stazak is 100% composteerbaar, en ook weer gecertificeerd.


Great quality products!!

Alam’s products are good for you and also sustainable which can’t be said for many products. The face mask if very soothing and not as drying as other clay masks. Everything is great quality and I trust it going into and onto my body. The superfood powder is easy to add to smoothies and is an easy way to feel better without having to go out of your way.
Also the service is amazing!


Definitely recommend!

I ordered and tried the Alam box because I wanted to invest in a healthier lifestyle during the pandemic and I must say that I really do like the products! The powder makes me more energetic and focused and I immediately notice a difference when I forget to add the powder. It also seems to have a positive impact on my migraine. The headaches seem a lot less severe since using the powder daily, which is great! The mask is also very nice and for me a game changer! I tried lots of facemasks the last couple years but almost everything causes my skin to break out heavily the day after. That’s why I rarely applied face masks before but this is drastically changed. I surprisingly never experienced this with the Alam mask and added this to my monthly self-care regime! Which need to be weekly ASAP, but I am working on it. Altogether super nice products which I can only recommend to everyone!

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