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Gorgeous gift of nature

We believe that wellness and living sustainably go hand in hand. Burning in a handcrafted coconut shell for more than 45 hours, ALAM coconut candles are a gorgeous, sustainable addition to any home. Unwind with the beautiful, natural tropic scents and the relaxing sound of the wooden wick that crackles softly when the candle burns. Upon first use, burn the candle for at least 2 hours to make sure the candle can perform at its best and will not tunnel.

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  • 45 burning hours
  • 100% vegan – made from coconut- and soy wax
  • Circular, reusable coconut shell
  • Soft relaxing crackling sound
  • Natural aroma fragrance oil

our scents



Toasted coconut

Tropical fruits

Coconut lime




Pumpkin Spice

Perfect selfcare treat
for your living space


Nature is the best source of all our products. After lightening your room, mind, body and soul, you can still enjoy this gorgeous gift of nature in- our outside your house. Once there is less than one centimeter of wax remaining, discontinue use and scoop out the wax with water and natural soap (do not soak for too long). Now your coconut shell is ready to upcycle as a planter, healthy snack bowl or add-in your favorite ALAM drinks and dishes.

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